Curiosity about using fiber optic

Hi “Roon’s users”,

I’m curious to have some qualified suggestions and evaluation about the OpticalRendu or any other similar stuff. Maybe my doubt is trivial, if so, I apologize in advance.

I have a quite “old” set-up, minimac, usb connection to DAC, no ethernet.

Honestly to put something else between the source and the DAC, whatever it is the source, either computer or NAS, it seems to me that it could only impact negatively the chain, instead of improving it.
The alternative set-up, in case of buying a similar tool like OpticalRendu (by the way I don’t wanna ask a specific evaluation about it, it is just a product as an example), it will be the follow:
(a) source, e.g Minimac, (b) ethernet connection to “converter” from ethernet to fiberoptic, © another converter from fiberoptic to usb, e.g. OpticalRendu, and then (d) the DAC via USB to analog.

Regardless the additional cost, from listening point of view, is it worth?

May I reduce the change only to power improvement of the source?
I don’t know, for instance, the linear power supply of Minimac instead of what describe above.

I look forward to hearing from you.


@Sante_Roon I am currently using the setup you are describing. A few things that motivated me to this setup.

  1. My Roon core is in a different room, I don’t have space to put a noisy machine in the same room (fans etc)
  2. The opticalRendu does separate a direct USB connection from the electrical noise of the computer as well.
  3. The optical cable additionally gives galvanic isolation from the ethernet network.
  4. A linear power supply on the opticalRendu further reduces the noise floor.
  5. The opticalRendu can receive higher bitrates 32bit/768KHz and DSD512, much higher than my Mac could output. I think my Mac maxes out at 32bit/96KHz

All of this does add complexity and cost to the system. It is an incremental improvement in the overall sound quality.

I do this in my main listening room and not my desktop or bedroom listening area where the equipment may not resolve as much. Personally I do feel that the sound is better, it is a very personal choice. I do enjoy tinkering with my system. For me it is part of the journey.

Your mileage may vary.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Irfan_Hafiz,

Crystal clear and helpful, really appreciated.


You’ll need two and should pair the receiving side with a decent PS.

The same effect as a Sonore product, but at one tenth the cost.

Except that it is not. Does the 10Gtek have Four (4) high-quality ultra low noise linear regulators?
Does it use a fixed frequency high-quality ultra low jitter FEMTO oscillator?

I didn’t think so…so your statement is false.

I said it had the same effect, not that it was built the same.

As I said before, your statement is false.

Truly, do you know what this goobledegook even means or how it could effect the SQ of a signal.

It’s OK, you don’t have to defend your love of costume jewelry…