Curiosity: Roon with Bluetooth Headphone @ iMac as remote and Mac mini as core

Hi !

I have something mysterious:
I want to use a new Bluetooth headphone (Sennheiser, Momentum 3) at Roon.
If I want to use it at the remote Roon (iMac) it dos not work. Sound comes always via internal iMac speaker. But if i connect the headphones via bluetooth at the core itself (Mac mini), it works.

If I use Tidal at iMac or Apple Music at iMac the connection works.

And if I use a cable connection it works also.


Can you screen shot the iMac endpoint settings when you are trying the BT headphones? It’s probably an audio setting issue issue in roon or iMac sound prefs

Hi MrFixIt,
it took some time, because I tried to solve this issue on another way. I bought a new US Bluetooth adaptor (Sennheiser BTD500USB). I switched of the iMac Bluetooth and used the BTD500USB. Unfortunately the issue is the same.

Please find attached the screenshots.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-29 um 21.27.06 Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-29 um 21.20.08 Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-29 um 21.19.37 Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-29 um 21.19.09

I have tried many thinks. At the end the installation of the App SOUNDSOURCE helps. After system runs I deleted the App and everything is still fine. Please don’t ask why. I don’t know.

For Bluetooth on the endpoint I think you will need to look in audio in the main settings menu and add it as a different zone. I believe Bluetooth will show up as an additional output option for the mac like adding a DAC does but connect it to the max first for it to show up.

Confirmed this is how it works under Windows any way.

That was also my thought. But unfortunately the Bluetooth headphone is no available in the setting/audio.
Is there a way to ad it manual? All my audio device are mentioned there automatically.
My solution now is that I have to switch on my Bluetooth headphone first, then I select my soundbar as the audio device and then I can hear music via my Bluetooth headphone. During this the soundbar is switched off.

Odd as it works as it should for me I connect the bt headset to the pc which is not the core and it shows up as a seperate audio output device in settings for that pc.

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