Curious About When Roon Upsamples

I’m curious about when and why Roon chooses to upsample. My current temporary setup while I learn Roon and while still building out the full streaming system:

  • Roon core on Synology DS218+
  • Roon client on MBP laptop steaming through to Bluetooth speaker
  • In the below example also streaming to an iPad in a shared zone with the MBP to Bluetooth

Over the past week I’ve noticed that Roon seems to change when it upsamples and when it doesn’t through the MBP, even when the source media type doesn’t change, but I can’t figure out why. Tonight it’s upsampling to the MBP but not the iPad. I’d like to know why? :grin: No other reason than curiosity.

I’m also experimenting with EQ so I imagine the reason tonight is EQ, but sometimes it still upsamples through the MBP even when I’m not routing through EQ or any DSP, and sometimes it doesn’t, and I haven’t seen it upsample at all through the iPad.

Here are two quick examples streaming through both the MBP and iPad and both with source ALAC 16/44 content. Thx!

You need to show us your DSP settings which are configured per endpoint.

In your first pic, you are running your output through the OS mixer. Try using CoreAudio instead and you will get rid of the “green” dot.

Thanks for the pointers. I haven’t really dug into Core Audio beyond noticing that it only plays locally when I select it (ie won’t stream back out of the laptop to my Bluetooth), so there’s definitely some more research to be done. Most of this setup is temporary, specifically streaming through a laptop, while I wait on my HiFiBerry to arrive. Once that is online Bluetooth and the laptop will be out of the picture.

@ipeverywhere The only DSP option I currently have enabled is EQ, and I have Sample Rate Conversion Disabled.