Current optimal setup for Pi?

I’m running Roon Server on a Win10 machine (iPad controlled) and want to add a Raspberry Pi3\Digi+ endpoint. This will use a fixed volume Toslink output to my Meridian F80 player.
What’s currently the best option for setting up the Pi? PiCorePlayer or Roon Bridge other?

Having the Pi running Roon Bridge will definitely give you the best overall experience and compatibility with Roon features and control.

However PiCorePlayer works very well too or alternatively PiMusicBox with Airplay features turned on.

Thanks, I may give Roon Bridge a try initially.

Is this easiest route? Roon-image-for-beta-testers

Yes probably although I believe there is a v1.0.6 out somewhere on HiFiberry website.

Also, there are instructions on here by @RBM about installation on a Raspberry Pi here - Roon Bridge for ARM: a beginner’s guide to Raspberry Pi and Cubox-i

If you go for the HifiBerry digi board, then the HifiBerry image is by far the easiest. Just write it on the memory card and pop it in. Should just work.

Instead the Digi+ I might go for the Digi+ Pro myself:

Thanks guys

Does the HifiBerry image allow easy configuration of wifi?

Yes you just have to edit one file in a text editor using your PC -

Depends on what you find easy :slight_smile:

Many thanks, seems relatively straight forward

In the end, I decided to do a manual install of Bridge on Jessie Lite as the HiFiBerry image is less configurable. The instructions here are excellent (although ‘curl -0…’ instead of ‘curl -O…’ did cause me problems initially). Very pleased with the result overall and have now got the Pi to wake my Roon server when it starts up.

It really is an ‘O’ in the instructions (try copy & paste), though I agree the monospaced font used by the CODE tag of this forum renders it like a 0, adding a touch of confusion.

As for the optimal setup: using DietPi will give you a much lower process count and loggin to RAM, making your Pi more resilient to SD card corruption when improperly shutdown:

Anyway – enjoy your Pi! :slight_smile:


I setup 2 RP3’s with diet pi using the post above. The important thing to remember is you need to download the ALSA drivers before installing roon bridge.

Diet pi also makes it very easy to configure wifi if you need it using the DietPi-config gui.

Agreed, one of my Pis is on a diet :slight_smile: