Current plans for metadata improvements?

I’m very happy with Roon. Roon metadata gets it right around 75% of the time for me. Most of my collection is classical music and, before Roon, it was a nightmare to tag. Now, I let Roon just do it’s business. However, the remaining ~25% of incorrect metadata bugs me, and I’d like to know if there are plans to improve Roon’s metadata retrieval (that don’t rely on allmusic magically improving their database).

My #1 annoyance is that performances of the same classical work are often misidentified. I have many versions of the same work (e.g. ‘Suite for solo cello No. 1 in G major, BWV 1007’). Some works are labelled by Roon-fetched metadata using slightly different words (e.g. ‘Cello Suite no. 1 in G major, BWV 1007’). This causes a problem: Roon doesn’t recognise them as performances of the same work. It sees them as 2 different works; not 2 performances of the same work. This is frustrating and I’d like to be able to correct it.

More generally, it would be great to be able to correct it in some crowd-sourced way, so that all other Roon users would benefit. (Correct in once in your Roon and it gets pushed to the cloud for everyone).

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Hi kdsl,

The devs have stated that the next big update will focus on meta-data. They haven’t spelled out what this means specifically but have indicated that opening up a larger section of the meta-data to user edits is part of it. There currently isn’t any timeline but if you have any meta data suggestions, now is the time to mention them.

I am working on some suggestions for Opera as the current meta-data for Opera and how it is presented Roon could be better.

I have similar issues but with rock and jazz “bootlegs” and live non-commercial recordings. The metadata for a lot of them is available online, so I wish Roon would incorporate them or create an API that third-party developers could use to integrate meta-data sources. The could start with say Miles Davis and The Grateful Dead and they would make a lot of us live music collectors very happy.

That is great news as there is much that could be done to improve opera metadata. Thanks for doing this! I for one would love to see libretti if possible.

What I would like to know is if metadata improvements=Just more manual tag control. That’s ok, but back to the bad old days of jriver and backbreaking work of curating my own metadata.

A real improvement would be crowd-sourced metadata. So if metadata for an album is improved in one Roon it gets pushed so everyone can benefit.

The crowd based metadata sharing option has been asked before, but there are a lot of difficulties with this.

To name just a few:

Are we all going to make our take on that particular album available? This will become a mess real quick.
So we need to curate this and who will do that?
What about legal stuff? Sharing album covers, etc…? This is all copyrighted material, not?

I also recall a reply of one of the roon guys (sorry cannot find so quickly) that they have no intention to become a second allmusic, what essentially will happen when sharing the metadata.

I really would love to see this, but I do not think that this will be feasable.

Another approach would be to expand the number of metadata providers. So fully add musicbrainz and/or discogs. I think that this combined with rovi will cover almost all available releases. But this will be a huge undertaking to digest all this data, make it presentable in a way that we as spoiled roon users expect.

Let’s invite @joel and @mike into this discussion. Joel is our old friend Viruskiller (famous for naming Roon Bridge etc.) now with a stylish blue (abstract) jellyfish and a special focus on metadata. They may be able to tell us what kinds of solutions we might see to these issues (or perhaps at this stage, what we won’t be seeing), and where any feedback about how we would like metadata to work would be useful.

If I were a betting man I would bet Classical is going to get a fair bit of attention. I suspect the dev’s aim of “Classical, done right” is not yet where they ultimately see it.

Just to be clear, this problem is well known and understood by the Roon team. Solving it is crucial to integrating all metadata sources (including file tags).