Current status Vivaldi/Rossini as Roon endpoint?

I’m considering either a Rossini or Vivaldi as a Roon endpoint, but what is the current status of these combinations? Do they work without problems?

Can someone also confirm that DSD 128 (native or DoP) is supported?

Both the Vivaldi Upsampler and Rossini are fully supported as Roon endpoints. There are a few functional glitches, but these are actively being worked by dCS and the Roon team. Most issues have been resolved and the final code is in testing now.

dCS is committed to Roon and the majority of my dCS customers use Roon over the native UPnP app. I only anticipate the integration and functionality to improve over time.

DSD128 is fully supported on the USB, dual AES, and network interfaces (UPnP and Roon).

Thanks Andrew!
Have you heard both combinations in the same rig with Roon? Is the difference subtle or dramatic? As said, i’m considering both but can’t really decide and there is no dealer here in Sweden that have both for comparison.

I have always felt it was overkill with the four boxes for Vivaldi, but with the new Vivaldi One you end up with only two - same as Rossini (but bulkier of course). Would you say Vivaldi is worth the extra cost? For the record, I don’t need sacd playback since I rip all sacds.

The difference between the Vivaldi and Rossini is not subtle and (to me, at least) the Vivaldi is absolutely worth the additional cost. One really good option is to pair the Vivaldi DAC with the Network Bridge. This saves some money vs the Vivaldi Upsampler and surpasses the Rossini in every way.

I have yet to be able to compare the Vivaldi One to the full Vivaldi stack, but my contacts have told me that the overall performance is extremely close.

I thought Vivaldi One was more or less the same as a dac + upsampler + transport in one box, but maybe there are other differences? I guess the traditional vivaldi stack has the benefit of allowing you to take a step by step approach - starting with the dac + bridge is an interesting thought!

Nope, that’s pretty much it. The full stack benefits slightly from the inherent isolation afforded by multiple boxes, but that comes at a cost.