Currently available i2s options

I’ve got a new DAC on the way and as I wait impatiently… I’m already considering options for what’s next. The new DAC (Pontus II 12th Anniversary) has an i2s input which I’ve never had in my system before. While I understand from my reading that it’s not always the solution to the problem it appears that it is a preferred connection by many.

I’ve currently got 3 streamers using a variety of DIY (Single Board Computers) with a variety of different OS’s that I occasionally swap between in search of the next big thing. Should I add a DDC? Do I instead get a streamer with i2s output? What’s your favorite method of using i2s into your DAC or what have you tried and not liked?

Adding a Denafrips DDC to my Terminator II was a huge step up for me. I go USB from my Auralic Aries G1 to my Gaia DDC and then I2S from the Gaia to the TII. There was a period of two weeks recently when the DDC was unavailable and the difference was very audible. YMMV.


It really depends on the DAC. I preferred I2S over other inputs for Metrum Onyx, Sonnet Morpheus, and Holo Spring 1 level 3. On Holo DACs from Spring 2 KTE up, USB from a decent source is a lot more flexible and sounds at least as good as I2S.