Currently playing an unavailable track?

Roon Core Machine

IntelNUC 5i7 32Gb / bunch of disk running win 10 latest updates to OS and Roon.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Various switches hard wired

Connected Audio Devices

iFi ZenStream → Marantz receiver

Number of Tracks in Library

35K ish

Description of Issue

I am listening to a new release. I decided to share it in a forum then decide to add it to my library. It is fed to me by Qobuz.

Prior to my hitting + to add it everything looked good I’m listening to one of the songs.

I hit + and 4 of the 5 tracks are no longer available, including the one I am currently listening to. I paused it to have time to capture it here.

I also note I added it yesterday? My clocks are using NTP and are reasonably accurate.

Because I’m Speshul, I remove it from my library and poof, they all are playable again. It even notes the track currently enqueued.

Presumably because the album has now been fully added to the Roon integration with Qobuz. I’m seeing all tracks available…

Were you jumping the gun?

I’m unsure how to reply. I just now hit the + button to add to my collection. It processed (spinning disc in upper right) and the tracks are unavailable again. first image above.

I’ve not had this occur before, thought it worth noting now.

I closed my local Roon client and restarted it. It still shows unavailable I am listening to it now.

I think it just isn’t integrated properly. Now it won’t add to my library and sits processing. I’ll check back, maybe I’m just impatient as noted.

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