Custom album artwork shared across different versions

I recently added the multichannel versions of my ripped SACDs to Roon. Many albums unified properly with their stereo version (particularly single disc albums) and all is well. I need to clean up the multi-disc albums and collections, but that’s easy enough.

The issue: a decent number of albums have artwork for the stereo version, but not the multichannel version. I believe this is correlated to the albums where I had to supply custom artwork. Is there a simple way to get the same artwork to display for the multichannel version? This is especially critical as Roon uses the multichannel version as the primary version…

@support, please help.


Hi, that’s configurable via the versions tab … so you can change it if you wish.

I don’t believe there is a way to share album art across versions though.

I asked years ago about the multichannel being default. I think Roon is missing a trick here. For example if there are no multichannel sources present, why present the multichannel files as being primary? And why can’t it be selectable?

As for the original feature request, I second it. I’ve often been irritated at having to duplicate cover art edits.

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How did you add the custom artwork?

There isn’t a way to share artwork across versions right now. You should make sure the multichannel versions are identified, but unfortunately there’s no automatic way for these albums to all share the same art.

Feel free to open a feature request for this so we can gauge interest in a change here. Thanks!

I’ve moved this whole topic over, to gauge interest.

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