Custom Drivers For Android App

Its been very frustrating since I have been bouncing back and forth between iOS and android for music playback. iOS seems to support most usb dacs with no problems however im not thrilled about how restirctive it is not to mention the roon app only works as a remote. On the other hand the roon android app is exactly what im looking for but the problem is many android devices do not support OTG usb dac support and I have to instead rely on a workaround using a custom driver solution only for the app USB Audio Player Pro. I dont think the android ecosystem will ever be unified so that all devices will work with dacs so I was wondering if you would consider adding this kind of solution into the android roon app so the hassle is completely side stepped. Thank you.

Totally agree with this. Very frustrating not being able to use Dragonfly Red effectively with Roon on Android. +1