Custom eq name does not show up on DSP setting

I don’t understand why is so difficult to make current EQ name display on the DSP screen??? Every time I change the headphones I want to see the current EQ w/o any guessing. This soft costs a lot of money and from what I can see this request has been already made by some members for more than a couple of times but the roon team does not seem to be concerned much about the customers needs…That’s sad…

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Just a fellow user here trying to offer a workaround, so don’t bark up my tree if you don’t like my suggestion.

If you save your individual HP-EQ settings as a “Preset” each, giving them unique names, you’d be able to identify and switch between them, even on a mobile remote - unfortunately, you won’t be able to see the respective curves themselves.

Thank you! Appreciate your help. I’ve already created a couple of Eq presets. I just want to see the Eq titles not the preset because each preset includes more than one eq and I don’t know which one is current.

Don’t think I exactly get what you’re saying, but think it should be overcome by finding a clever naming convention.

plz create custom eq and label it. Then open it up. Do you see the label you just created on the header?