Custom fonts and colours

I now I have been asking this many times before but I think it’s time now, more then it has been ever before, for custom fonts and colours.

This is not a request about taste. Weather I don’t like the colours or fonts has got nothing to do with it. I can live with things that could look better in my opinion but it is getting annoying when it gets in the way of usability.

Firtst the colours. Int the old version the blue letters on black background where very hard to read. Turns out purple on ligtblue background is even harder to read.
In the light interface there are fonts that are not rendered very well on either my macbook retina screen or my windows desktop screen. They are lightgrey against a light grey/blue background. Again, not very good for readability. The font size for the artist name in the footer next to the album cover is now so lightgrey it is only readable from a handheld device. On a desktop/laptop it is not very readable. On the other hand, the album title in the album view is so big I almost have to take a step backwards to read it. Very strange choices.

Again, this is not about taste, it’s not about liking it or not it is about usabilty. Please give us options for font sizes and colours. A good interface begins with readability. If that’s not good, nothing is good in the end. Most of my issues with Roon over the years all come down to this. I do like Roon and how it is handling metadata but please give us options to make it the best user experience for all of us.


Agreed, In my case I would use the word accessibility instead of usabilty.

I’m visually impaired and my first reaction to v1.8 was that I wouldn’t be able to use it due to the tiny font sizes.

Thankfully the non-supported theming capability allows different colors and some control over the fonts.


Yes, that has allready helped quite a lot. Hopefully it gets picked up and we get an official third theme. The fonts look good on my phone and Ipad but don’t scale properly to full hd screens. I only hope they don’t think they have to be as big as the album title. Just one or two points up that makes a lot of difference. User scalable would be the ultimate offcoarse, same for colours and line spacing, one for touch and one for mouse operated devices! Anyways, the consistancy between devices has gone wrong, it has balanced to the phone interface. Maybe a little less consistancy and more optimized for different platform? I don’t want an iphone app on my desktop pc.