Custom names for DSP filters

Hi, I just started with a measuring mic and DSP but even if I would not have 7 trials to compere I will still have 2 pairs (convolution and speaker setup), one for main listening position and one for sitting at the desk.

I think having two sets of speaker setup is hard to do, it would have to know if there is one active and not let the user switch on a second one. If I dream on I could group different presets and just a click to switch between them.

But maybe a way to give names it is a smaller wish (currently I click on them to see the name of the loaded zip). There was a similar request Issue ez-11v2: Similar DSP presets are not distinguishable one from the other in "signal path" but maybe this is a easier to implement version :slight_smile:


You can give each filter a unique name in the DSP page using the “Save preset as…” menu button. You could have one for “main” and another for “desk” with a different convolution loaded in each.

I did this a few years ago with multiple room correction filters when I was tinkering with that.

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Thank you thank you thank you

You’re welcome, @Traian_Boldea.

FYI, “_null” is a preset without any filters or other processing added so you can easily turn off the current processing without fiddling with other settings.

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be careful saving the presets
It is a bit strange and I have stepped on my stuff repeatedly enough I feel the need to warn others.

Once sorted though, it’s fantastic. IMO

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Thanks. I have already overwrite 3 or 4 times. I’ll get a hold of it. Sometimes I hate the recurring annoying splash screen “are you sure you want to…” but as I get older I tend to use it more

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I posted a bug report years ago, suggesting that their choice of language in that warning dialog was confusing and that instead, they should consider using the standard “are you sure you want to overwrite the existing settings” warning that microsoft and apple users have been accustomed to seeing for decades. Guess how roonlabs followed up on that…