Custom/private notes

Great idea.

I would really like the ability to add listening notes to albums and artists. As your collection grows, recalling all the differences between versions of albums or performances becomes daunting. Keeping notes outside of Roon is a real mess. A note icon at the album and artists screens that could be easily recalled and edited would add a great deal of value for me.


Maybe try , making notes in Word, save as PDF and place in the album folder?

Great for local albums.
Unfortunately impossible for streamed albums

Same request:

Now celebrating its fifth anniversary. :partying_face:


That would be great!

This “fUture” request can only be addressed in an even number year (it was opened in 2016). So I guess no luck this year!

Thought I’d bump this as it’s a feature I’d like.

Would be nice if you could add a personal note that is viewable in the album view (say above the tags) or even as a sort of tag you click that then displays whatever you’ve written. even just a section within the ‘Edit Album’ section of the ‘Album Editor’ would do the job.


+1 for comments with timecodes, that would be killer feature