Custom Short Cut?

Roon is so adaptable…that it spoils me…Since I’m using Convolution files as Room Correction, I do not need these files when Headphone listening…is there a way for me to build a Short-cut command to turn this on and off?

If I am out of my mind then just tell me…Really love how Roon works…also, the community that keeps things helpful and interesting.

I save and use 2 different DSP presets, one for headphones and one for speakers. You can enable the headphone icon on the headphone preset by choosing an Audeeze filter (and then disabling it if you don’t have Audeeze headphones) - that way you can easily see what ‘mode’ you’re in. The only catch is you can’t switch presets on the mobile app, just via tablets and desktops.

I’m not sure whether this was quite what you were looking for though?

Thanks for the reply…I use an iPad to control my RoonServer on a MAC mini…No I don’t have Audeze HP’s…but I’ll try your idea and see if I get it to work…

What filter are you using for your HP’s? Sonarworks? I have HD-800S’s (and 650’s) and have used them with no filters (although played around with 2-3db boost at low freq… I have a 20 foot cable so I can sit on my couch. It all sounds pretty good to me…But I am always open to suggestions…

No filters for the headphones - although I also have HD650s (and a long cable) - I’d welcome playing around with a custom preset if one comes out. However, I use Crossfeed and upsampling with them - oddly I prefer Roon to do the upsampling when listening via the headphones and my DAC to do it when via speakers - I have no idea why, it just seems to sound better to me that way.

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Reply to this Feature Request:

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Great first name…:wink:

I would like this as well…what is nice though, when using filters for my speaker setup, it does show a different color dot next to the current song and artist playing…so I know whether its on or off at least…