Custom user interface

Nice sound, many options, but also a lot of confusion, you don’t understand how to create playlists or smart playlists, the track table is incomplete I can’t search, everything is image-oriented, it looks like an exhibition … because do you want to give us an experience ?, just give us a software that we can customize

I don’t think Roon is going to throw out their software and start over. Give it time to see if it works for you. Otherwise, Roon might not be for you. It is a highly visual experience and not customizable.

More information on some of your frustrations would be helpful as I’m certain people on the forum would help.
Search is easy, just type what you want. What’s missing?

for me the music is listened with the ears … the eyes are for the blind, by by roon

Well I listen with my ears too, and my eyes enjoy the artwork. Then I can also engage my brain and find links between artists hitherto unknown to me. I also enjoy reviews of albums and artists. The information on when bands were formed and split along with birth and death days is also very interesting.
I can enjoy all this and more as I listen, or I can just turn the screen off and just listen.

Clearly Roon is not for you and that is great too. Enjoy what you find.


“The eyes are for the blind”
Well, that’s certainly an unusual saying.

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Not sure what that means, but the knock on digital music was/is that you lose the visual experience of the album cover, the liner notes, etc. Roon is trying to put some of that back and more. If that part of the music doesn’t interest you, you can probably get by with something less sophisticated than Roon.