Customer Roon (Installed on QNAP) stuck and on beta

Hi everyone,

I have an issue with an upgrade a customer made last week. All he has now is:

Incompatible versions

Roon is trying to connect but your Core and Remote are running different versions.

Roon Media
1.8 (build 886) beta

Tablet is on 1.8 (Build 913) stable

I don’t know how it could be on beta as the configuration was never set on beta. But today I’m stuck with that. QNAP is upgraded to latest Firmware

How can I resolve this issue please?

Here’s what I would try:

  1. Make a database backup
  2. Uninstall Roon from the QNAP
  3. Reinstall Roon with the latest QNAP version, details here:
  4. Restore the database from the backup.

I’m a Synology guy, but the process should be pretty much the same.

Hi Graeme,

Thank you for the reply! I might need to install the package manually on the QNAP (the same way as Synology).

Anyone knows where can I find the .pgk for QNAP?

Hopefully, this should work: