Customisable menu (and home page)

  1. It would be great to be able to customise the menu to re-order or remove items to suit each user.

  2. Also would be nice to be able to do the same with home page content and order.

  3. Finally a shuffle button (or a few) on the home page would result in music being played with far fewer clicks from startup than is possible now:

This is an old idea. I suggest you search for it and vote.

yes i see it from 2 years ago but it’s closed. maybe roon will see it this time and make sensible improvements instead of forcing me to scroll past composers and compositions every time I use the app which i never and will never use

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agree completely. And having the first 30% of the real estate of the home screen dedicate to saying hello to me is nothing short of daft

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another +1 here. One of the main things I use is the Discover option, but it’s hidden right at the bottom of the page.

What is the logic behind telling me what I’ve been listening to? I know what I’ve listened to, and I don’t need various charts showing it.

Get rid of the “Hi xxx” and reduce the size of the number of composers, artists, albums etc

Make everything else on the page something that only appears through configuration, like a series of tick boxes in settings.

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Does roon ever listen??

They listen but often don’t agree.

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Roon is not a “build your own” product. However, they do factor in customer opinions and ideas into their product development efforts.

I guess because there isn’t really a major competitor so they can do the least amount of work necessary to placate everyone. And Users can like it or lump it… Where are they going to go after all?

Not a solution, but creating a bookmark for the discover page makes it a bit more accessible.

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Yes, yes, yes, yes!

Yes, I think with each and every newly added feature the need for user customization is getting bigger and bigger. The recently added Roon curated playlists is a perfect example of it. It servers absolutely zero purposes for me, it’s full of playlists with music I don’t even remotely like and even some that I never want to see if possible (like Christmas crap). Roon feels more like a music store that tries to sell me (mainstream) music than a player for my own music and with features like this, I more and more get the feeling I am shopping in the wrong music store. The interface has become totally bloated with way too many forms of recommendations, so many that I’m losing interest instead of gaining any, it is contra-productive. IMHO the interface is in desperate need of some user customization.

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hopefully the @moderators can combine this thread with the one listed to combine votes.


That would truly be a Christmas miracle.

I like the home page. I really like the “what you’ve been listening to” section. The home page gives me a lot of options for music discovery, if I want to listen to something specific I can search, easy peasy.