Customizable GUI

OK, this is one of those persnal preference things.

When browsing through roon and listening to music I like to use my iPad with only one hand. For me the bottom bar controls are barely reachable (play/pause/wavebar, etc).

Would love to have this more to the top or better make it customizable?

Just throwing it out there, not a big issue.

Hmmmm…why only one hand?

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Phone: one hand
Tablet: two hands
Laptop: ten fingers

Yeah, yeah, I know :nerd: . I said it was a personal thing, but to illustrate what I mean I attached a picture.

This is maximum leisure mode, resting my hand on top of my ipad which is on the arm of my couch and “thumbing” my way through roon.

Had to double check it wasn’t April 1st :smirk:


One hand free for maximum leisure, try it today, you won’t be disappointed!

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I usually have either a single malt or nice cold beer in the other hand…:thinking:

The other hand…

Cheers, Greg

OK, let’s derail this thread, I can take it, making fun of the guy with small hands…:upside_down: