Customization option for display on TV through Chromcast

Hi Roon!

First post from a newbe.

Let me start by saying that I absolutely love your product! I just have one issue with it and that is the “now playing” customization opitions with displaying roon through my chromcast on my TV, or rather the lack of them. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s an awesome feature. But right now it is rather dull looking, with the greyish bar on the bottom and the often very low resolution of the artist picture on the top. it stands in sharp contrast to the rest of the otherwise beautiful interface!

So my input and question is: will you change how this display look in the future? Will you add some way to customize it? It would really be a low hanging fruit for example to be able to change the grey area to just dark mode. And the option to remove the artist picture as header and just have the album art front, like you can with the lyrics. Of course, im sure there are hundreds of ideas from the community on what kind of customizations to add, but a giant step forwards would no doubt be to make it feel more clean and crisp like the rest of Roon.

Is this something you are working on for a future update?

Thanks again!