Customize ports?

I’m installing FileMaker Server on the same Win10 machine that hosts Roon, and it’s reporting that it needs ports 80 and 50003, which RAAT has tied up.

FileMaker won’t be able to budge on the requirement, they;re too big. Is my Roon install flexible (if I can’t launch them both after installation)? Can I customize listening ports?

In this case, what worked was killing RoonServer entirely during installation, then delaying Roon’s start until 30 seconds after FMS starts. It’s been five hours and both services are behaving. I’d still be interested to know, though, whether Roon’s network needs are customizable.

Perhaps Roon is flexible enough to see ports it prefers in use and defect to other workable ones. Certainly Roon Server might use port 80 on ROCK but in Windows its less likely to have to have it.