Customize the layout of the search result screen

My apologies if this has been discussed previously, but search after search in the forums returned no results so I am posting this here.

I would like to be able to customize the results screen in the software, is that possible? When I search for a song or an artist, right now at the top of my result window I get “top result”, then “album”, then “genre” and then finally, way down at the bottom (which I have to scroll to) the actual track with an option to play it.

I don’t want to turn off the “album” and “genre” but would like them to appear below the track line where I have the option to play the track. I would want the play feature to be at the top of the result window. Can I re-order the way these are displayed in the software window? I have tried many options in settings none of them seems to return the results I desire.

Well, according to the web page 46 people have looked at my post but no one has responded. This leads me to believe that there is not way to do this, otherwise why would someone have just not posted the way to make it happen???

No, I don’t believe it’s possible to change the order of the search results.

If enough people would like to see this happen, they should post their preference to this thread. The Roon guys watch these Feature Request posts and if enough people request a feature, they will consider it.

Cheers, Greg

In another thread a while back I posted how I would like every Roon screen customizable. (On the Desktop application) What Larry said is one example. I don’t have an issue with having multiple Roon windows open at the same time as I dive into an artist’s history while the current song lyrics are still displayed.

It happens now when I’ve got the Roon app running, Allmusic, Tidal, Pitchfork, RoonLabs Community Forum, or HDTracks open in a browser, and XLD in another. There’s a party going on in there. And if I’m looking at histories of two or more artists? It’s crazy.

But I don’t mind all those resource sucking apps running. What I hate is having to return to the same screen (if I’m lucky) to view the next album/artist. Or not knowing the chronology of album dates, etc. If I could customize the overview, there would be less, not more graphics at that level, saving the pictures for when I’m drilled down deeper.

So Larry, you’re right but I doubt that kind of customization is on the horizon. I could be wrong and often am.