Customized Album Display icons very random

ROCK/Build 778


Fully wired


Win10 PC as control


Description Of Issue

The display of icons on the album display seems very random. For example, I have seleted to show ‘In my library’ from the customization option, but some albums don’t show it, even though they are definitiely in my library.

Are these albums identified or unidentified by Roon?

Hey @zappyroon,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you - I wish this would have happened sooner :pleading_face:

Are you still seeing this behavior? Could you please share a few relevant screenshots?

Thanks in advance :pray:

Hello Rebeka - no problem.

The issue seems to have been resolved after I visited my optician . . . sorry for the trouble :slight_smile:

Hey zappyroon,

are you sure you see the badges you are expecting? I am asking because I have the opinion that the badges are not always shown as expected.

See my feature request here:

If you feel like me, please support my feature request by leaving a comment in that thread. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Oliver - my original posting was based on errors from my side. I was failing to distinguish clearly between different symbols (small symbols, old man eyes) and then I realised that showing ‘In Library’ was completely unnecessary when viewing one’s library, since by definition the albums must already be there. Now you made me aware of a second issue, which does indeed seem inconsistent: If I look at an album say on Tidal, it will not show ‘In Library’, but clicking ‘Versions’ may show that I have a local copy. However, selecting that version does NOT show ‘In Library’ when I view that version although it does show the date it was added. That seems somewhat perverse to me.

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