Customizing the Roon theme

I’m on Windows 8.1. Look for C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Roon\Application\100800756, that’s where the fonts are sitting.

:grinning: Very cool. Thanks very much.

Got the fonts switched out and looking good. Still insanely large for album titles and main headers but the size works here.


Reference on how to change the font? Link to the colors?

All of this would probably be served better with a dedicated website where you can browse each theme :slight_smile:


Not true. Users have been modifying the file since 2016.



or from 1.3 I think

Lmao I discovered this when I first downloaded Roon 1.8 but I played around with some of the settings and none of the colors changed so I just left the file the way It was originally.

Read the thread, it’s all there.

You probably misunderstood my question. I’m asking about the colors and fonts that you are using. I know how to swap out themes

I’ve seen a couple of ur recent posts suggesting you’ve been playing around with the colors. Haven’t seen a post where you actually specify what colors ur using :slight_smile:

Have a good weekend? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


what’s your darker panel color?

Hello. Can someone explain me what the workaround on macOS is
Would be a gr8 idea if this comes up in a new firmware update.

Thx in advance

Yes, I really hope Roon can add some ‘official’ customization options - there’s obviously a call for it.


Indeed. also on Android and IOS devices

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Looks much better than the grifo font :ok_hand:
Very stylish and more consistent, still a bit big indeed.

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Again my apologies. Let me rephrase my point again, bearing your comments in mind …

Although avid tinkerers have been modding the appearance of Roon since version 1.3, despite stern warnings from the moderators that such practices are “not officially supported”, and that you do so “at your own risk”, the release of version 1.8 has prompted an uptick in interest in this unsupported feature. Roon’s vision for the future - a bold new aesthetic of clashing fonts, attention grabbing boxes of various shades and hues, and a use of white space that seems troublesomely profligate - has jarred with many users within the Roon community. In response, some are now actively generating a range of new themes that - for the most part - provide more elegant and soothing windows into our local and streaming libraries.

@Rugby , does that clear up the confusion?

Anyway, I think the bottom line here is that there’s been an uptick in interest as 1.8 is a radical visual overhaul that clearly isn’t to everyone’s taste. Some people love it, some not so much. All things considered I do prefer it to v1.7, particularly the layout, but I’m not so keen on the overly large serif font, and I really don’t like the colour scheme. I appreciate that it directs the viewer’s attention towards new and existing functionality, and that’s great for new users, but after about ten minutes I found it quite jarring. So, given that theme customisation came to my attention, I’ve cobbled together five themes that - in my eyes at least - provide a more elegant window into Roon. I spend a lot of time looking at this interface and really don’t need bright colours and harsh contrasts to orient me to its functions.

If anyone’s interested, here’s what I’ve come up with - a set of largely monochrome themes with a range of muted accent colours.

Modded theme files can be downloaded here.


Especially on iOs and Android, as we can’t tinker with that. I personally can handle the purple blue on my Android 8.0 device - where I really can’t stand it on Win8 - but the Grifo font really should be replaceable, also on mobile devices.

Yes! Oh yes! This is one that is very welcome, and should be made customisable on mobile devices too.

Back to square, YES. No more teenage girly round artists circles with cut-off heads, were did you find this?


Thx for this. its more then welcome

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