Customizing the Roon theme

Squircles for build 778 on MacOS.

Wonder if this is going to turn into a battle of wills.

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Thank you. Looking good.

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That is much better, the default theme was even more upsetting when it appeared for the second time than the first time.

What is going to be a battle?

Between updates and customizing is how I took it.

There is no battle. That is the way it has always worked. Perhaps you don’t realize that users have been customizing their displays, like me, since 2016. Which is why I don’t bother with it when there is a churn of post major release updates. I wait until it has died down and I can enable the changes I want and not worry for many months.

Roon has always said, this is tinkering and if you are going to do this, you expect it to be replaced each and every update. And, it is not just being replaced. The actual file and what colors mean changes between every update. So, there is a lot of continuous work if you want to maintain it.

They said it back then MIke repeated it again when he created the Themes section.

All the more reason for Roon to add a number of additional themes as defaults or offer users a safer way to customize themes.

There appears to be a lot of demand amongst the Roon user base, and it doesn’t appear to be a particularly onerous change for Roon developers to introduce or maintain.


What a great idea!
I did actually try a whole lot of things, but I never would have thought of this mod. Now I am perfectly happy with the interface - thanks a lot!

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Doesn’t bother me - takes me about five minutes or less to revert back to my theme after an update. I was just relaying what I thought he meant by that phrase.

I have to say that I am so grateful for all of you who figured out how to customize the Roon interface. I wish there was an “official” way to do this (are you listening, Roon? Probably not), because all I wanted to do was to not see the aggressively eye-piercing psychotic-reaction artificial purple all the time. With the help of this thread, I changed the colors back to something that didn’t hurt my brain. But, on my install at least, changing the theme has made Roon extremely unstable with the latest update. My Roon remote on my MacBook crashes if I change the theme. Does anyone have any insight into this? I had to change the core back to its normal (purple) state because I actually do want to listen to music, no matter how ugly the color scheme is.

As a number of others have indicated, Roon developers have added a couple of new lines into the ‘Colors’ file.

My Win10 PC was unstable until I added these two new lines to my customized ‘Colors’ file.

The first is immediately after atom-bluebg-noalpha:

atom-bluebg-noalpha-classical with a value of #242424 (for dark themes) or #EAEBEC (for light themes)

The second added line is at the very bottom of the file after dimlayer:

album-dimlayer with a value of #70%181818 (for dark themes) or #50%ffffff (for light themes).

Just try adding these two lines into your customised ‘Colors’ file and your customised theme might work.

Edit: I see you use a Macbook. I am not sure if the ‘colors’ file for a MacBook is identical to the Win10 file I have described. No doubt others will be able to confirm this one way or the other.

Yep, the Mac version has the same extra two lines in the latest version. I’ve updated my theme generator to take account of this change (works for both Mac and PC).

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You folks are collectively, quite awesome. Redid my theme for the 788 update, had a couple of quick crashes and came here and immediately found the easy fix. Thanks all.


Again, thank you all so much for the shared knowledge. I added the two lines and now everything is stable, in my colors of choice. Just gotta stay on top of the updates, as they say. Keep on rocking!


Hi guys. I’m having a weird issue with Roon in my iMac. While listening to music from TIDAL MQA and switch to another MQA Album, Roon crashes on me. It only happens when selecting MQA albums. OK, why posting here, well because the root of the issue is caused by Vanilla Theme. As soon I switch back to Dark or Light theme, the crashing issue is totally gone. I can totally replicate the crashing as soon I switch to any custom theme. For now I’m back to Dark original theme and will be deleting all my custom themes from the Themes folder.

This may be the issue. Two extra lines were added to the colors file with the latest release. Unless you add these, Roon will crash.

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Is it possible to change the color of the user created tags? I find the color of the user created tags too similar to the color of the genre tags. I’ve been playing with the different lines in the configuration file and couldn’t find the one corresponding to the user created tags.

I’m fairly sure it is, but I can’t find the right line now either. I’ll take a look over the next day or so - it’s bugging me now - but please let me know if you track it down.

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Found it - it’s atom-blue. Which is a bummer, because that’s clearly one of the main colours. It also looks like there’s a hard coded fade, which is why it’s not as bright as when used elsewhere.

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Has anyone managed to successfully replace artist circles with squares or ‘squircles’ in build 778?

I run my main Roon control app on Win10 and shapes in the atlas files now appear to be quite different with the 778 build. Unfortunately, nothing I do with the new atlas files has any affect whatsoever on artist circles in my system.