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I received a membership as a gift. I have read through the User Guide and played around, but I cannot figure out how to do basic things such as customize the interface. I’d like to be able to sort by Song Title or Album Artist (as opposed to Artist), for instance, and I’d like to view a simple list of songs rather than the album covers, and I’d like to see the lyrics I have so painstakingly added to my files. I don’t see any reference to this type of thing in the guide, and I can’t find a way on my own. Maybe I’m just expecting Roon to work more like other music apps I’ve used before, but I’m getting pretty frustrated.

Love it or hate but Roon is not like other music app.

The Tracks browser supports sorting by any displayed column, which includes Track and Album Artist… which may help.

Embedded lyrics are not supported at present, I don’t recall if Roon have expressed their opinion on this … a forum search might yield something.

Welcome aboard Kristin! What a gift!

Before you look at Roon as your new “do it all” music management system, let Roon take you for a little ride so you can see its benefits.

Roon isn’t super customizeable in the way Foobar, J River, anything skinnable are. Maybe someday.

But Roon is an amazing music discovery tool and it is really good at whole home audio. Roon has a way of using your own collection as a gateway into music, and Tidal (you gotta have Tidal for Roon to really shine), which is a huge collection.

My suggestion is you put aside trying to make Roon do what you want it to for the moment, and play with it. Load up your library and get enough albums recognized by Roon so that you can find your stuff, and then play some music while enjoying the content Roon presents. Pretty soon you’ll be adding Tidal albums from “the drummer for this band” or the “producer of my favorite album who did this other one” and discovering other relationships between artists/albums that you didn’t know existed.

Then you can join the forum and commiserate about the things we wish Roon did :neutral_face:

There will be plenty of Ah Ah moments

I’m about 18 months now and still learning

James is right don’t try to bend Roon to your old ways , accept it as is and I suspect you won’t regret it, especially since it was a pressure

Keep asking this forum there are loads of super helpful people who are likely to have managed to do what you want

Above all enjoy the experience

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I want to thank everyone for their input. I’ll try to just see what Roon CAN do and not worry about what it can’t until I understand it a little better.

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