Cut and paste not allowed?

I have discovered that Roon apparently doesn’t allow the cutting or pasting of written copy. This is completely unacceptable. When I find something new, I like to copy the information to search Amazon for the music. Roon makes me re-enter by hand any copy so that I can search it. I am now sorry that I paid the $500 for Roon. This problem is a deal killer.


Hi @Louis_Berkman,

Roon uses a custom-built graphics engine that’s more like a video game than most other media players. This means we can’t just enable your operating system’s copy-paste functionality and call it a day – we need to build it and test it ourselves, on every operating system we support. As of this moment, that work hasn’t been done nor is it planned, but it could be.

This isn’t a request we’ve heard before, as far as I’m aware. I encourage you to open a thread in the feature requests section of this site, so others can comment and we can gauge the feedback. We’re very proud of our record of implementing new functionality when there’s sufficient interest.

Some information in Roon can be exported to a spreadsheet, by selecting it and clicking export (in the 3 dots menu). I suspect there will be times when that doesn’t work for you, and I concede that it’s a pretty annoying workaround for what you’re trying to do. I don’t have a better answer for you at this time, unfortunately :weary:

Thanks for the feedback!