Cut-outs over USB, solved by a MicroRendu

I had an interesting experience yesterday. I have a Geek Pulse DAC/headphone amp, and I had it connected through USB to the Nucleus. Sounded fine. But I got hickups that interrupted the music. I have a MicroRendu, normally used here but for the moment deployed elsewhere; I plugged it in for the Pulse, and the hickups went away. So my guess is, there was something bothering the data stream (this was Tidal, and later Tidal failed altogether, network problems), and the MicroRendu is more tolerant of such hickups than the Pulse.

Wonder if a Schit Wyrd or Uptone Regen would have solved the problem on your other player.

Don’t guess - look into the rock_machine//Data/RoonServer/Logs/RoonServer_log.txt and related log files instead.
Mind that unless I’ve missed something in the setup of my rock installation, the timestamps in the log file are in UTC.

The mR might have a longer buffer.