Cut video signal output from HDMI while keeping audio?

I have just started using Nucleus Ver B.

I connected it directly to a B&O BeoVision Avant TV via HDMI.
The TV acts as selector/decoder/pre-amp and streams the audio signal to a few WiSA BeoLab active speakers.

Unfortunately the TV has no video mute function, so when I select Nucleus as the source there are always a few lines of text appear at the upper left corner of the TV screen. I think in time it will cause screen burn-in marks.

I am wondering if there is a way to optionally stop showing the texts either with current or future software version.


Try the display function in Roon.

Hi @Vincent_Cheung,

Welcome to the community! The Nucleus HDMI output will always show the setup text information including the current IP Address for diagnostics purposes and there is no way to hide this at the present time, although you can feel free to open up a feature request in the feature request section of this site.

As for an interim solution to this behavior, I would suggest adding an AV receiver or another type of bridge device that performs the WiSA output conversion and then using the TV as a Roon Display (Note: you may need to add a chromecast if the TV does not support a compatible web browser).

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Thanks a lot for answering my question with detailed explanation.
I’ll take it as reference.

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There are devices available from online sellers and auction sites that will spit digital audio from an hdmi output. Not expensive and may be worth trying.

My Oppo 203 can send a totally black screen signal to my LG 65C7P OLED.

I have looked into Displays but it doesn’t suit my setup. I guess I have to rearrange the way I connect the boxes.

Thanks for sharing. Not easy to get such useful detail except from actual user.

That’s an interesting idea. I will do some research.

You could separate the Server, aka Nucleus, from the TV and use another NUC running Windows to act as an endpoint, which would feed the TV’s HDMI and allow better control on the video side.

Haven’t thought of that. Thanks for the suggestion.

Does your TV not have a screen saver?

No the TV doesn’t have screen saver. Even if it has, it is being used for music listening and not idle, normal screen saver should not be activated.

If I don’t send a black screen from Oppo to TV, then the TV screen saver comes on. Before the screen saver comes on, the TV displays album information from Roon.

Some years ago I had a BV Avant 55. As far as I remember it can be configured to mute the screen when a certain external audio source is played.

I suggest you ask a question on the Beoworld forum.

That’s a nice TV!
And too bad that Oppo stopped making disc player.

Good suggestion.
I guess it maybe related to S/P-DIF input.
I’ll try.

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