CXN v2 and sms 200 ultra roon ready?

What going on ?


Both of those devices are listed as Roon Ready on the site so they should be ok. I’d check they have the manufacturer’s latest firmware installed.

Is this a recent change or just something you have noticed recently?

Have you tried rebooting the Roon Core to see if that helps?

If that does not work, you will need help from Roon’s @support team, so I’ve moved your topic over to #support.


Mine appears as active and works fine - but mine appears with a small depiction of the SMS200, not a generic speaker image

Not sure if that helps at all?

Is this a recent change ? CXN v2 became Roon Ready months ago, it was a firmware update , but every time you switch on the CXN or the StreamMagic app you will be reminded

Maybe check settings on the CXN there is a setting for Firmware update

Reboot your Roon core and the devices that show uncertified.

1 - make sure you have latest software on both units

2 - Reboot your Roon Core (as others mentioned)

3 - On your Roon Core, log out your Roon account, and log back in

update the firmware on your CXN

Hi @alexandre_Besson,

As suggested above, can you try rebooting your Core machine and the devices that are showing as uncertified? Please also confirm that both Roon and your devices are fully updated.

If you’re still seeing any issues after that let us know and we can take a closer look!

Alexandre, be careful updating the firmware on the SMS200! :warning:

I did mine from the Eunhasu button and it bricked the unit - it’s a known issue (about 6 weeks ago)

May was very helpful (as always) but I had to buy a 16gb SD card, format it, download the new firmware (which will not fit on the 8gb card in the SMS200 as supplied) as then do the re-flash

Let me know if you get stuck and I’ll try and find the instructions from May at SotM

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