CXN v2 display help

I have the same issue. My CXN-v2 plays through the digital out to a Marantz receiver. It is not through a USB. How do I get Roon to display metadata from the CXN-v2 on to my projection display? Can I do so by attaching a Google Chromecast device to one of the HDMI inputs in the Marantz and then feeding the output of the Marantz to my projection display (Sony VPL-VW 285)?

You could try that, just remember to activate the display in the settings. And to turn it on for that endpoint.

Hi Ron

Bad news I’m afraid

Any digital input, USB or D1, coax or optical will not display Album Art, it simply displays the Digital Input name or USB 96, USB 192 etc

DLNA, AirPlay does Artwork but Roon doesn’t support DNLA, AirPlay downsamples everything to 16/44

Search the community for CXN there is a lot of discussion around this

I may have answered the wrong question

Can I ask whether ROON should be displaying metadata when streaming via internal chrome cast to the CXN V2? When I play through airplay, I get artwork and track info on the CXN V2 display, but through the chromecast, it does not. The music is played normally, and the path noted within ROON notes that it is up to 24/48 (not the 24/96 that Cambridge advertises being available, but that’s another issue).


I suspect my reply above stands, Digital inputs show no metadata, they simply act as a DAC I assume the CXN Chromecast is another input, how is it selected , via the menu

Mine is a V1 so I don’t have Chromecast, would be nice to know

I just bought a Cambridge Audio CXNv2, and can confirm using Roon over Chromecast, no artwork is displayed, only a music symbol and the text Roon.
When casting Tidal over Chromecast to the CXNv2 I do see full artwork and metadata.

So, the CNXv2 is cleary capable of showing artwork/metdata using Chromecast. It’s a pity that Roon doesn’t do it. When using Airplay from Roon to CXN, I do see artwork/metadata though, but I’d rather use Chromecast when playing highres material.

I hope this can be fixed in a future Roon release.

I have a ver 1 and use Chromecast audio to stream hi-res Primephonic. Can confirm no data display on the CXN other than the source when playing through Chromecast. Not really a problem for me, though, as Primephonic gives me the data on my phone/tablet.

Sure would be nice if Primephonic & Roon could work it out.

Hi Robert,

You mean you have a Chomecast audio puck connected over Toslink (optical) to your CXN? That way you’ll never get to see artwork, I’m afraid as Toslink carries only audio data.

Hi, as I just posted in this topic: Roon is down sampling by using Chromecast built in device

Cambridge Audio CXNv2 is now an official Roon endpoint.

Fantastic news, Cambridge Audio!