CXN v2 is perfect as endpoint

I dithered around, trying not to purchase this unit to mate with a CXA61 in my living room setup. At the end of my search, I came back to trying the CXN v2 streamer. There are cheaper devices, but each seems to offer an entire set of new problems. This one appeared to be almost plug and play.

Set up was as easy as connecting the power cord, then the hard wired internet lead from an Eero puck. 30 seconds later the device had recognized and connected to my LAN without a prompt from me, and my Roon Remote on my iPad announced a new Roon endpoint.

After that, it was just a matter of deciding how many ways I wanted to connect the streamer to my amp.

So far, the CXN v2 plays without strain from my core downstairs to my secondary music setup. It will, I am told, work just as well on its built in wi-fi connection, but I will stick with the wired position for now. The twin internal Wolfson DACs work fine, especially with my smaller, wife friendly, living room speakers.

Like Roon. Like Apple. The CXN v2 just works.

I recommend it highly.



I enjoy listening to my CXN v2. I have it connected to an Arcam sa30. The Arcam also sound great especially with Dirac Live. Both DAC’s sound great but different so I feel that I have two music systems to choose from. Stream Magic is a good backup listening platform to Roon. I haven’t had any Roon problems with either box so I have to consciously run a contingency test to make sure everything runs properly.

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I was very happy how easy it was to set up.

I have Analog In (1) with Audioquest RCA and (2) with XLR/RCA. Digital (2) SPDIF all using the Wolfson twins. I also have SPDIF to the DAC in the CXA61 amp.

Like you, I have a choice of what I listen to.

The value of the “Roon Ready” program is showing real advantages to Roon users in that we are guaranteed a decent user experience when the manufacturers and Roon work together in a collaborative way.

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This is my first experience with a “Roon Ready” device. I have to say it exceeded my expectations. Big shout out to the Roon team.

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