CXN V2 issue, looking for Roon Core

I’m also having issues with Roo on my CXN V2. It keep saying looking for Roon core. Cambridge and iPhone on the same network. Latest updates for all devices installed. Tired power off on unplug, different networks (I have a Tp link Deco) No. firewall issues, turned bit defender off. Internet speed 90mps.
Can’t use an Ethernet as the system and router are in a difficult location

Hello @Christian_787 ,

Thanks for reaching out!

Can you please confirm what kind of Roon Core you are using? Roon requires a Core - Endpoint configuration, where a PC or Roon Server is used to communicate with the endpoint, for further information on the architecture of Roon, please see the following guide:


Hey @Christian_787,

I wanted to get in touch and see if you could share any updates on your CXN V2. Is this still an issue? Can we help?