Cycling Roon Servers for A/BTesting

Hi All. I am currently running Roon off a Grimm MU-1 connected to a DCS DAC. I want to do some A/B testing between this configuration and a Grimm MU-2. Here are my questions:

  1. Is changing my Roon Server as easy as disconnecting from the MU1 and then having Roon look for the MU2, and instructing Roon to connect to the MU2? (and the same thing in reverse when I do the A/B’ing)?

  2. Will Roon preserve my playlists, saved under my account, when I switch Roon Servers?

Thanks, Peter

Q1: Yes, although if you have only one Roon licence, you will probably see an “Unauthorize” button to switch your licence to the other Roon Server.

Q2: No, because all information such as settings and your Playlists are held in the database on a Roon Server, not in your account at Roon Labs.

The only things that are automatically synced between multiple Roon Servers would be content from streaming services (e.g. Tidal or Qobuz) that you have added to your library - because this will be “favourited” in the streaming services themselves, and hence synced to the library on a Roon Server.

Roon will store playlists in its internal database which you can easily make a backup from. Restoring that one on the new server should bring back all of them.

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  1. Can a person with a single Roon license have two Roon servers running simultaneously? With the ability to switch back-and-forth between servers?

The servers can run simultaneously but a client can only connect to one server at a time.

If you have a roon license, you can email roon and ask for another on the usual month trial.

So then you could run two cores temporarily.

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I exported each of my playlists to an excel file, and I backed up my database (it is backed up on the MU-1 internal drive). Would I be able to upload the roon dbase onto my MU-2? I’m kind of doubting that such a transfer could be made, even if I copied the backup (which includes multiple folders) onto my laptop hard drive. Any advice? Thanks.

You can backup from one core and restore to the other. It works fine (and will move your playlists).

USB drive is perhaps easiest

You need to copy any media files yourself.

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