Cynap Pure Wolfvision MOCK

I want to replace my Mac Mini with an Intel NUC, running ROCK.

I consider buying a second hand NUC, and found something that might be interesting.
The hardware box is called Wolfvision Cynap, and is built on a NUC7i3DNKE. However I don’t find much information about Wolfvision, and nothing about compatibility with ROCK.

I suppose it will run ROCK, but its marketed as a wireless presentation device, so I’m not sure if it is the same as an Intel NUC.

Anyone tested Wolfvision with ROCK?

Rock is built to be used with only the official Intel NUCs listed under the ROCK hardware FAQ. Anything else is considered tinkering.

I’m aware of that, but curious to know if anyone tried the Wolfvision NUC with ROCK.
Should I post my question elsewhere than my chosen category? Was a little unsure.

Hi @Jon_Anders_Aasbakk

Yes this would be under Tinkering I feel.

The Wolfvision Cynap range looks like a Nuc in a modified case, branded Wolfvision and they’re shipped with a Linux OS to make easy use for AV/IT applications.

If it is the NUC7i3DNKE, then Roon appears to show that as supported.


It is likely Rock will run on it but YMMV and may still be classed as a Mock and not a supported device under Roon’s criteria.



Hi @Jon_Anders_Aasbakk,
As the question is about an unsupported device it’s better in the Tinkering so I’ve moved it over.

You mentioned WiFi, that may be the sticking point:

  • ROCK has no WIFi configuration support
  • Roon advise to always hardware the Roon Server to the LAN.