Cyrus Stream X Signature and Roon

I have a Cyrus Stream X Signature which from a hardware and audio quality outlook is excellent. Regrettably the Cyrus Cadence app is worse than useless, and my best solution until now is to use Bubble UPNP and the Linn Kazoo IOS app to control the StreamX. Can anyone suggest a workaround that would enable me to use Roon to control the Cyrus Stream X?

It has a Coax Input, so you could get an Allo DigiOne Player. Ethernet to the Allo. Coax into the Cyrus.

You could try Sonores UPnPbridge or the free software bridge LMS2UPnP. These will allow UPnP devices to show up as Squeezeboxs so you can add them to Roon.