Cyus DAC8 Amp - Pairing

Not really a problem - I use a Cyrus DAC8 Amp, when are you likely to add Cyrus products to those we can pair with


If you are asking about ‘Roon Ready’ capability, that would be a question to ask Cyrus rather than Roon.
Just looked at that DAC8 and it doesn’t seem to have an Ethernet port or wifi (no network capability?), so it cannot be made Roon Ready as such I believe. Perhaps you can get a network add-on device from Cyrus for it?

Thank you very much Tony for your helpful reply

I am meaning in the audio settings where I click the “identify this device” tab - Cyrus is not on the list. I assume that this is what you mean by Roon ready

Your are correct the Cyrus DAC8 does not have Wi-Fi capability or an ethernet connection. The connection between it and my laptop, where the Roon software and my music files are, is via a USB cable, I believe that this gives me a higher quality sound, can the settings of a device only be controlled via a network using Roon or could it work through a USB connection?

As you suggest I will also ask Cyrus

By the way I think that your software is amazing

Ah, the identification over USB is a different issue, and one that someone from Roon needs to respond to.
I think you need Roon Ready status to control the settings of a device. When using USB or an SPDIF connection (Co-ax or Optical) Roon just sends audio to the device.
I did look on the Cyrus forum, but there was a post from 9 months ago asking about Roon Ready, with the usual disappointing response:

We don’t have any plans to incorporate Roon into our products at the moment, though we’re keeping an eye on it. It’s quite a big thing in the US but it doesn’t appear to have caught on in other markets yet.

So go bump that thread!

Regarding your last comment, yes Roon is amazing but it is not my software.

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