D1 and sonicTransporter

My D1 can’t see my sonicTransporter. Both units are hardwired to my network. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Please make sure Roon Ready is enabled in Lumin app settings for D1. While doing this you’d have verified Lumin app being able to see the Lumin D1.

If you have “Lumin Streaming” enabled in D1, you’d be able to use YouTube app on iPad and AirPlay to Lumin D1. If you get this working, the network path from iPad wireless to the D1 wired is verified.

Then you can setup an alternative Roon Core temporarily on another computer you may have, and verify Roon remote app can see this new Roon Core, and can play to the D1 zone.

I need to clarify. My D1 is working fine as a Roon endpoint. My music files are located on an ssd in my SonicTransporter(Roon Core).

I want to index the files from within the LUMIN app.

So using SonicTransporter as Roon Core and playing to Lumin D1 as a Roon endpoint is working, but you want to access the music files in the SonicTransporter via Lumin app.

The requirement for a library to be recognized by Lumin app is that it needs to run the freeware MinimServer. The question becomes how to install MinimServer on SonicTransporter.

ST avaible apps…

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Thank you, seasharp1 and Peter. Minimserver did the trick! I find the LUMIN app very interesting.

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