DAB Radio Grabs

Just managed to get some files (Radio Drama) I recorded onto SD card from BBC Radio 4extra (on my Pure Dab Radio) into my PC.

Via ID tags I have labelled and grouped series and imported into my hard drive.
Roon did not see them as they are MP2 files. So I converted them to MP3 LAME with DB file converter and voila… They appear in Roon.
I have added artwork.
System path ‘Low Quality’ MP3 Source MP3 44.1KHz 2ch 128 Kbps, convert mono to stereo, This PC Roon Advanced Audio Transport. Output OS Mixer.

Just in case anyone else wants this kind of material.

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I love this about Roon. Since I have it watching my iTunes folder all the podcasts get put in the Roon library.

Makes for great listening when one is in the mood for more than music.

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