DAC+AMP Topping DX7 Pro or XDuoo TA-30? help

I have both in my hands, this is crazy how good they are, I do not know which to decide

Only you can decide this. However, it would seem that you are comparing apples and pears since the Topping is solid state whereas the Xduoo is an all-tube design. Maybe share a little more about your setup, listening habits and music taste.

The Topping is well regarded, measures well and is a bargain. I know nothing about the Xduoo.

The Xduoo is not an all tube design, the output section is solid state but is class A.

Thanks David .

You are welcome, keep in mind that the tube driver stage is a very important part of the sonic character of it so it could easily have a sound of it’s own. I in no way accuse the maker of fraud or deception as they clearly state the solid output stage in their manual so i want this to be clear. Tubes do have some neat characteristics of their own and the glow of the tubes themselves adds an aesthetic touch for many people. Do not let the fact that the output stage being solid class A is a bad thing as it is not, the tubes are still a relevant part of the design as I mentioned. I have heard only good things about this headphone amp. One can never go wrong with a great sounding headphone amp no matter how the design conclusion was reached. I think of listening to one’s favorite music and letting the mind go while staring into the glow of the tubes on display. There is still something cool about seeing tubes regardless of the sound. It’s tempting.

Do you have to only keep one? I’d sure love to have both the Topping and the Xduo.

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