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I was hoping the problem be resolved with the build 904.
Still I cannot see my DAC connected to my room core (iMac OS 10.12.6)
Do I need to transfer my room core to another computer (macOS 12.1)?


have you restarted everything? power off the DAC and also disconnect the USB cable then reconnect and power on

Thank you. I will power off the DAC and disconnect the USB cable while my Roon Core (iMac) is on and running?

seems you have 2 threads going with this issue… one in the main 904 thread and this one…

Kill everything…safest way.

@moderators maybe can combine here?

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Hi everyone,

I’m going to be closing this topic since it does appear that @Isaias_A.Lanzona is being assisted in another thread by our technical support team.

Thanks so much!