DAC connected to MacBook with Bridge installed

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Win10 2004 latest Roon Core

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Wired Ethernet Cat5 with one unmanaged switch

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

USB “Pro-Ject” DAC connected to MacBook with Bridge installed

Description Of Issue

Is it normall that “full” Roon installed on my MacBook is seeing DAC connected to my another MacBook, where only Roon Bridge is installed , as “This Mac”, not as a Bridge connected DAC ?
This Pro-Ject DAC is connected to remote “Bridge” MacBook no to “This Mac”.

Fake information

And on top of that - doesn’t play at all…
But if I control this Pro-Ject, really connected to “This Mac”, using “full” Roon - plays flawless.

maybe post that full configuration screen and a pic of your Zones. But if Pro-Ject is visable from your Lan, then perhaps Roon is seeing the Pro-Ject device from This Mac, and may see it from others too. I’m guessing what you want is for the Roon Core to use Pro-Ject as one of your target Zones, thus you may be able to disable it from This Mac, as long as Roon has it as a Target Zone configured from your Core, you should be good.

Zones are not grouped – this is a fresh and pure setup.
Pro-Ject couldn’t be seen from Lan – it’s USB DAC connected directly and only to “Bridge” Mac – so Roon can’t see the Pro-Ject device directly from “This Mac” and can’t be seen from others too.

I don’t want Roon Core use Pro-Ject as one of my Zones.
I want to see “Bridge” Mac the same way as I can see Win Bridge – as a separate Zone

I’ll add one more - in Setup -> About - there is no separate Mac Bridge object as separate DietPi Roon Bridge objects is. Devices connected to Mac Bridge crammed into “This Mac”

I did not imply your Zones are grouped.

My understanding is that a Bridge is used to expose or attach a device, that has no Lan connectivity, to the LAN, thus it may show up on other Lan connected devices, such as This Mac. Since the Bridge uses RAAT to communicate and This Mac does not recognize RAAT, it probably can’t talk to it, but it can see it, it’s a network device. What you should do is just use the Gear icons to Disable that device from This Mac.

Thanks - but both these Macs recognizes RAAT. This bridged Pro-Ject could be seen with Roon running on Windows and this Pro-Ject could be seen from my Mac, where full Roon is instaled, when Bridge is installed on Windows computer, so RAAT is OK.
Problem is with Core - Core does not distinguish my two Macs, Core thinks that this is ONE and the same Mac…
How could I convince Core that I have TWO different Macs.

Could Support join the discussion?
There is a diagnosis - but how to solve this problem…

Additional question:
It may be possible that Core identify Mac nodes by a little contrived by Apple “ARPResolvedHardwareAddress”, which could be fake, and not directly by real “MAC address”.

For example Bridge MacBook “ARPResolvedHardwareAddress” is ::::9e:e1 (nota bene the SAME as the cecond MacBook…) but reall MAC addresses of these MacBooks are quite different.

It strikes me that your problem is a bug that was fixed at one time.


Tagging @support.

Was one Mac HD a clone of the other?

Yes - so what have to be changed in clone to make them distinguishable for Core?

I don’t know directly but sent to support.

Thank you - as I know, only Macs With T2 chips have “personalized” OS installation.
Computer names are different, MAC addresses different, IPs different, hardware IDs different; only User is the same (?)
I don’t know any kind of “SID” for OSX like SID Windows is.

Your help was very inspiring (They say two heads are better than one) - it was enough to create a new user and log as them.
Works fine.
So - thank you very much !

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