Dac Disappeared

hursday evening I was enjoying a delicious album streaming Harry “Sweets” Edison and Lockjaw Davis “Jazz at the Philharmonic 1983”.
Sweet lord have mercy! What a delightful album.
So good that I wanted to revisit it early Friday evening. To my disappointment when going to ROON there was nothing but silence. I rebooted both TIDAL and ROON…NOTHING! I am using a 7year old MAC MINI as the CORE. I tried rebooting the MM checked and double checked all cables knowing or feeling that sixth sense telling me this is not the problem.
That’s when I went into system preferences…sound, and the audio midi setup AND ROON Audio.
I have no idea at the time what happened and still today not sure. I think there is a possibility of an interruption of power to the house and leaving the MM on 24/7 the Dac was knock out for whatever reason. I re-entered the dac into ROON after shutting down the PS and then restarting. Then opening once again the MIDI auto setup and there the PS was again listed as a choice.
I’m just wondering if this has ever happened to others and what was the “how to fix it” solution and also what people think may have caused this conundrum.


I am back listening and it is sweet as ever.
Some more “LOCKJAW”
Have a nice weekend everyone.