DAC disconnected and re connected in Asio mode when playing DSD

I experienced the serious issue when playing DSD file on Roon with SOtM sMS-1000SQ recently.

  1. Select ASIO output in Roon setting.
  2. Play PCM, it is okay.
  3. After playing PCM and changing to DSD play, the DAC connection on Roon is disconnected in 1-3 secs and automatically reconnect it.
  4. To listen music again, I should re-click the play button to start playing again.
  5. It works okay after I click the Play button but keep repeating the situation when changing the music file from PCM to DSD.

I’ve been changed and applied Resync Delay settings and also tested it with other setting values, but the result was the same, and the situation remains in both DoP mode and PCM convert mode.

But if I select WASAPI mode in the same circumstances, everything works okay.
Can anyone check and confirm the issue above at your end please?

Hi @Milkyway ----- Thank you for the report. I wanted to touch base with you because this is actually a known issue that has a fixed set into place, pending our next release.


Oh, thank you for the prompt support, can you tell what I have to do in next step?.
since I’ve been tried adjusting Resync delay and some setup changes, but still the same symptom remains, please let me know what I have to do.
Thank you!

Unfortunately, the only thing to do is wait for the next release :grin: We’ve already looked into this issue and resolved it, but the fix will go live with 1.3

Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for your patience!

Got it, will wait for the next release for sure, but can you give me a hint when it would be available ?
Thank you as always!