DAC (Matrix Audio Element M) over CAT6 LAN connection with ROON core (windows10 PC i5)

Very excited to report the world of difference I noticed (or should I say heard) since I switched the DAC connection from Wi-Fi to LAN (CAT6) albeit via power adapter running from the core upstairs to the DAC downstairs.
Native DSD playing so smooth with crystal clarity and resolution. Also, frequent Tidal drop outs… ‘too slow to load etc’ are gone!

Hope my excitement is not premature and I shall report back a week from now.


I’ll take wire over Wi-fi any day of the week!

I have the Matrix Element X on a LAN connection to the Roon Core server (sonicTransporter i9), but with a WiFi backhaul between the cable modem and the satellite router in my listening room. This seems to work fine for me. It probably depends a lot on the quality of the internet service, backhaul distances, DSP loads (if any), etc.

I use a Matrix Element M on ethernet to main router. Solid as a rock. Never tried WiFi on the unit as never required it.

Also use a Matrix mini i Pro 3. I used to run that on WiFi but found it to always have a weak connection. Caused endless dropouts in Roon. Hardwiring the pro 3 unit to a mesh router on my synology network fixed the problems. All solid since.

in my case the core and router are upstairs, and the element m is downstairs. However, power-adapter came to the rescue and made a world of difference over Wi-Fi. It was not that bad earlier but now I realize what I have been missing until now.

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