Dac Mode test file possible to verify modes, Mqa , bit rates,etc.?

Just wondering, I thought this would be helpful. I wanted to know if I have my settings for playback set up correctly no matter what I throw at my dac. Many of the usb DAC’s have different colors for the different formats. Is it possible to create an edited test file that can verify modes? Or alternately a playlist for this? Any one done this yet?

From your library identity a track for each format type you want to test added each rack into a playlist with a suitable name of your choice.

If you don’t have any local MQA files at hand add them from Tidal.

Alternatively there may be a pre-compiled audio test album, that you could download.

I can partially help you with this.

I created a set of one minute FLAC tracks that pretty comprehensively cover the interesting frequency and bit-depth combinations. Each track is one minute of silence and both track names and metadata describe the track.

When you get these into Roon, the artist will be “Test Tracks” and the album will be “Silence (1 Minute)”.

I don’t use or care about MQA, so I’m not going to be of help there.

Here you go!:



Nice, thanks !

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Here’s a playlist that I created in TIDAL to test the various MQA Studio sampling rates


These go from 44.1 kHz to 352.8 kHz

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