DAC Pre-amp, volume control deck suggestions

Hey guys/girls,

I am looking to maybe replace my topping D30pro. At the moment i have roon Nuc on usb to the topping, the toslink is connected to my tv. Problem here is volume. I use roon volume through the app, but also the volume on the topping because the tv is on the toslink. So when i use toslink the topping is at -30, when i use roon i have to set it around -10 > 0. And then roon volume.
As you may understand this is somewhat tedious. In a few weeks though my recordplayer will come in. I have no channel yet to hook that one up. So I’m looking for a solution to: a) also channel at least one analogue source, b) hook up my current gear, and c) preferable have volume control per channel with memory.
Extreme bonus would be simple volume control for all sources.
Any suggestions what deck i could consider? My budget would be around 1500 eur if possible.
Many thanks for your input

I use a topping Pre90 and Ext90. This allows for setting volume level per input (in a setting) so this might be worth looking at.

I actually have the full 90 stack A90, D90SE, Pre90 and EXT90.

Thx, i will look into those.

I’ve checked the specs but no toslink available, unfortunately my tv has only toslink available…

I thought you wanted something to add inputs and use the D30 with it

Ow, forgot to mention; in de Topping D30Pro i have the luxury to enable output onto XLR and RCA. So i used this to connect the XLR’s to my poweramps and the RCA to my sub :slight_smile:

Maybe look at the Matrix Audio Mini i3 Pro

https://shenzhenaudio.com/ or apos.com sellers

or UK Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro 3 All-in-One Streamer/DAC/Headphone Amp

Not perse, really i just want to channel my toslink for tv, usb for roon and rca for my coming recordplayer and have a good dac and balanced outputs to my poweramps (and RCA to my sub :-))

Wow, connects exactly what i need. Do you have experience with this model? Do you know if volume memory is available per source?

No volume memory tho… at least not that I am aware of, you cant have everything :joy: but its roon ready, wifi and lan, analogue in and RCA/XLR out

I have one and pretty happy with it, and has a nice remote too for volume and inputs etc

Too bad, but what a nice combo. Do you use it with ROON? I see potential there but i’m wondering if volume of ROON and this box are aligned - how does that work with the gain? Does it set the MAM i3 into 0Db and go on with ROON volume from there? Or does it work differently?

roon controls the volume in streaming mode, I only used it that way I think, but you can select variable or fixed IIRC. take a look at the manual

I did but the fixed volume is no-go. So variable it must be and than my question remains: what happens when you have 2 volume ‘knobs’ in the chain. I have this with my topping DAC with pre-amp. Where the volume is also variable available. When i use ROON i have to adjust both to get the best performance, but when both dials are in 1 control, how does that work than :slight_smile: ?

Well I guess you have to set the d30 to match whatever the line in and toslink or other digital inputs use. Suggest you ask in asr or other online areas where the matrix is discussed