DAC Recommendation for New Stereo Setup

Golly. That setup needs its own planet!

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Ha they’re happy to have visitors. You should head down there for a listen!

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I did that trip last year (from Singapore)…and picked up a DS Jr and NPC. Sold the Jr but still have the NPC - they will sell you 240V options there if you ask - oh and you can save the CO tax if you ship it to somewhere - I was leaving from LA so thats what I did…shipping in Cont USA is free too.

That room is quite something and the guys are happy to show you around - it was paul’s 70th birthday when I was there but he was in the shop so I got to say hi and happy birthday.

Went for a bite to drink with Duncan for lunch. Nice guy :smiley:


Forgot to ask Mr Fix It - how did it sound !?

The 4 columns and line arrays are visually impressive but did the sound quality blow your head off? Best thing you’ve ever heard?

Were you able to play any of your fav tracks (via Tidal with their Directstream DAC for example) or were you only allowed to listen to whatever they had playing?

@dabassgoesboomboom it is certainly very good but probably in a room slightly less than ideal size wise IMHO. Its a huge wall of sound.

They had a few albums on their system that I was familiar with but I forget what they were using as the source and application on the iPad being used.

The funkiest thing was if you put your had up again the server drivers they move to readjust…spooky.

I heard it with the beta version of the BHK Preamp and played with both the DS and DSJr (which I ended up getting). I also saw the new transport in beta testing in Ted’s room.

I also have done some repairs for their products here in Singapore during the last few years so had exchanged a deal of emails etc with a few staff there before. They are pretty good with that sort of thing.

If you are from overseas and can sweet talk them you can get a “trade in deal” that took $1000 USD off the DSJr price…so I almost got the NPC for a couple of hundred $ as it was run out at 40% off I think it was… maybe still available even.

You need a VPN to USA to get the prices etc on the PSA site - for anyone outside USA and maybe Canada.

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Not that you need to watch this - just posted today.

@Andrew_Webb you need to get down there for a listen! :slight_smile:

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