DAC shopping for RAAT Ethernet protocol

Does anybody make a Roon-Ready, RAAT-compatible, Ethernet-input, Balanced-circuitry DAC? I don’t need DSD or ultra-high sampling rates (the vast majority of my audio collection is CD-based) but it’s OK if they’re included. I also don’t need any headphone amp or variable volume functions, but it’s OK if they’re included too.

Mostly - just the DACs, ma’am… (groan - I couldn’t help myself…)

Thanks - Boomzilla

PS Audio Direct Stream using Bridge 2.

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Hi Boomzilla

Is there a budget? Or budget is unlimited?

One of these?

All the Lumin DACs.

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Auralic has the Vega G1 and Vega G2. They are not inexpensive, though compared to quite a few others, they are. I own a G2 and have been very happy with it. I use it exclusively as a Roon endpoint; I’ve never used their own LightningDS stuff since I don’t own any iOS devices.

Yes, there’s a budget - I’m CHEAP! LOL

I’m trying to evaluate whether it would cost less to go with one of the DACs that have all the features I seek or else to use a streamer such as a Microrendu and then a less-expensive DAC.

If I can suggest something, buy Allo DigiOne (standard, not signature edition) and use it with Raspberry PI (version 2 or 3). This solution is pretty cheap by self. Then search for any reasonable DAC with COAX input.

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I plugged a Mytek Liberty into a RPi 3B+ with USB, and that works out to what you want. Ethernet input, balanced outputs, running Roon Bridge. Two boxes, though, not just one. And the Ethernet input doesn’t always work, due apparently to a combination of two factors – I have some MP3s in my library, and the XMOS bug – so I eventually switched to using WiFi, instead.

Available as of the end of January for $2500 -


Hehe no worries at all, fully understood.

Still waiting for the number though? It really helps with giving recommendations/advice…

That Alchemy system looks really nice. I’d get the power amp, too, for a total of $4000. Probably works well with Elac speakers :slight_smile:.

Yeah, I’m thinking the Alchemy and the new Navis ARB-51 speakers for the bedroom. $4500.

Trying to keep the chain as simple as can be.


OK - If I’ve GOT to be pinned down to a number, $2,500 for the streamer / DAC combo.

Get a used Cary DMS-500.

If you don’t have/want to be pinned down to a number, Lumin X1 @ USD14k…

Brooklyn Bridge DAC is a great recommendation and closer to your budget…

Hi, our Pi-DAC Pro and XLR daughter card deliver balanced output RAAT support. It’s pi based so not completely plug and play but should, I hope, be pretty simply setup and used by many other Roon users already.

Ultimately, I’ve decided to split the functions of streamer and DAC. That gives me the maximum flexibility of what DAC I want to use (and new and interesting ones are coming out all the time). So what I want instead of an integrated Roon-Endpoint plus DAC is just a RAAT-compatible streamer (preferably with a coaxial digital output).



Raspberry PI, RoPieee, and one of the I2S/SPDIF output boards (HiFiBerry Digi+, Allo Digione, etc).

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As for a streamer, I can suggest a Stream Box S2 Ultra. It is based internally on Raspberry Pi CM3 module and modified Volumio on a software side. It supports RAAT so it can work as Roon Endpoint. It also has a nice USB bypass mode, so it can also act as “USB signal cleaner”, and can work with any Mac/PC software in this mode. It can also be an endpoint for any DLNA/UPnP software, like Audirvana or jRiver MC.

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