DAC that has a working Volume with Ropieee and Roon?

I am currently using Node 2i and it works perfectly with Roon, but I would like to have a higher quality DAC. I tried the Topping D90 MQA, but the device volume does not work with it.

Do you have any recommendations on DACs that that are an upgrade to Node 2i and has a working device volume. (I Do not want to use the DSP volume as that disables the MQA - at-least with D90)

You don’t mention price range but this is hard to beat. And offers control of either analog or digital volume control from Roon either of which work fine with MQA.

Thanks, that looks interesting, but over my budget - around 1000euros. (I forgot to mention that).

Again over your budget but maybe closer: Teac NT-505. Volume works both ways. Adjust Roon and volume changes on the streaming DAC, adjust the DAC and it is reflected in Roon.

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Both the Brooklyn Bridge and the NT-505 incorporate the Roon SDK, are Roon-Ready. Neither would be using Ropieee as specified in the title of this thread, would they?

Yes, No need for Ropieee for these Network Streamers (Brooklyn and NT-505). The Teac is a strong candidate, but these network streamers provide a lot of functionalities that I do not need as I use Roon. So it could be just a DAC with a working volume control that works with Roon via the Roon Bridge like Ropieee.

There lies the problem. I suspect that in order to get that fully fleshed functionality the author of Ropieee would need the DACs in house.
And as for unwanted functionality we are not at that point where there are products produced purely for Roon apart from one product that I am aware of.

It seems so, that is why I was looking at Ropiee (Simple Roon Bridge) and good basic no frills DAC (that has a volume control) that Roon acknowledges. :slight_smile:

Looking at the RoPieee listings, I think the only ones in which RoPieee supports volume control are the ones which are DAC “hats”, that is, fit on the extension pins of the Pi.

Is the D90 in PreAMP or DAC only mode as volume control will only work in PreAMP mode?

The D90 was in pre-amp mode and the device volume does not work. I could only adjust the volume with D90 remote control or from my integrated amps volume control. The Roon device volume did not work.